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Sunday, 13 September 2015

好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 53 : Jardin Experimental / Experimental Garden / 實驗花園

好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 53  :  
Jardin Experimental / Experimental Garden / 實驗花園

First output:
First harvest, one cob of gem corn.  Planted 1st April, harvest 24Sept.
100 grains planted, 8 plants grew, will have around 20 cobs.


I tried to grow some purple sweet potatoes in 2006,
this is the result after one summer - three finger size purple sweet potato plus a field of sweet potato leaves - which we ate as vegetable - it was v gd.

Even though the result was quite minimal, but we were so happy to see something! Anything!

And then I attended an Urban Agriculture conference in Toronto in 2012.

This time, I tried to grow gem corn, and we are in 2015, almost ten years later

Day 1 of Gem Corn. April 1st

4 months later. Aug.2015

Experimental garden strip with sunshine. 8 Sept 2015 

So I seem to have more patience , combined with recycled building material, and other conditions, suddenly its coming into shape.  

This is the progress of the Experimental Garden.

It was triggered, or coincided with the changing of all the windows in our village.  

As my sculpture works has to do with building small walk-in-scultpures; small architectures; I especially appreciate pet-architecture (using left over space in a smart way, term invented by Japanese architect Atelier Bow-Wow) ; working with living structures with people infills.  Here, its hardly architecture.  

The spirit of making good use of tiny spaces has rubbed off on me from seeing how others have done so well, so here, I see this tiny tiny left over space is a space full of sunlight and a huge black wall as background. Its a perfect location, a beautiful site for something to happen.   

It is a way to make things work and have fun with living.
There are so many nice windows that I really want to recycle them.
So I had a huge source of nice old windows to build a green house with.

I designed a little house, gathered all the windows needed (for the small green house), found the a sunny strip of land next to my studio, and began getting my hands dirty.

It's hard work.
Amazing, I discovered that, I am not a farmer, I am not even a gardener.
I like green houses, designing, having them built, and looking at plants, people and things grow.
I am more like a biologist, with a microscope.
So this will be an Experimental Garden.  
The experimental garden will include vegetable, flowers, mushrooms, anything, fish, little animals, insects, butterflies.  Maybe it will be a small eco-system.

We will see what comes out of this.

Some fonts used to enhance and express some of the spirit of the Experimental Garden:

Corn type to plant, saving seeds,
Eagle corn - apparently this is a rare corn that needs saving, but only available to Pawnee People.
They are making an effort to save this heritage corn.

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