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Monday, 17 August 2015

Goji berry experiment : Ningxia goji from seeds

Lycium barbarum (simplified Chinese宁夏枸杞traditional Chinese寧夏枸杞pinyinNíngxià gǒuqǐ) is one of two species of boxthorn in the familySolanaceae from which the goji berry or wolfberry is harvested, the other being Lycium chinense (Chinese枸杞pinyingǒuqǐ). It is native to southeastern Europe and Asia.[2]

I will try to grow NingXia Goji Berry, this one the berries are sweet
Lycium barbarum (simplified Chinese宁夏枸杞traditional Chinese寧夏枸杞

This one has v tasty leaves, but the berries are bitter not to be used.
= Lycium chinense (Chinese枸杞)


A friend purchased a goji berry plant from a plant shop in France.  It looked like dead twigs after 3 years, nothing happened, not much leaves, almost inactive.

So, since I am a Chinese person, she asked me.

I took a few cuttings from the plant, large, smaller, thin.  Several and put them in a glass of water.
My mother has goji berry plant growing wild in her garden in Canada.  She prepared twigs for me, and they take roots v quickly.

So I just did the same.

Here is what these twigs look like after 2 weeks.

Flowered a few hours later...

flowered another two days later, on 19th Aug.2015

started some goji berry seeds:  Ningxia Goji berry.  
The high grade, medicinal use dried grain goji berries are very sweet, tastes good.
So I started soaking some in a little cup.  Then removed all the pulps and put the seeds on a cotton wad, then no sunlight.  See what happens.

So there are two experiemnts:
1// cutting from a 2, 3 yr old plant purchased in France.  Dont know what type it is.
2// Ningxia goji berries from seeds.  Seeds were purchased in China from a food shop.  Medicinal grade.

Day 1.  19aug2015

The twigs are from a plant purchased in France, been in the pot for 2, 3 years, without any flowers, this is the first time it flowered.
Both the original plant had flowers and cuttings here, also flowered.

How to make soup and what the plants look like...
goji berry flowers, small pink/purple flowers

Goji berry (Lycium barbarum) or Wolfberry is a deciduous shrub with an arching thorny branch.  It has little purple flowers that turn beige before the petals drop.  The berries turn from green to orange then bright red when they’re fully ripe.  Fresh, ripe Goji berry has a very interesting taste, not sweet, not sour but meaty (for lack of a better word) for such a small berry.  I think the sweetness of the dried berries come from the dehydration process perhaps.
Hopefully I’ll get more berries next year but between the Gray Catbirds and Cedar Waxwings I may not have any berries left.  I’m not sure I can beat the winged competition.

goji berry 30Aug2015
cutting from Creuse; seeds in flower cup planter

goji berry flowers closeup

The following photos are from a web site.
Tibetan Goji berries, and Chinese Goji berries from NingXia
Little purple flowers along the stem

Little purple flowers along the stemA closer look at the flower
A closer look at the flower
The flowers turned beige before dropping
The flowers turned beige before dropping
Various stages of the berries
Various stages of the berries
Fully ripe
Fully ripe
Tibetan Goji berries, and Chinese Goji berries from NingXia

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