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Thursday, 20 August 2015

好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 46 : Give your own advice. Make your masterpiece video

好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 46 : Give your own advice.  Make your masterpiece video. 

Video exercise sample :: CBC How to Age Gracefully.
Are you ready to create your own video?

Tools needed: 
phone w a video camera - any definition, high, low, HD, anything.  Use your web cam.
simple editing software.
sound recording
some image editing optional

If you dont have a very hot (hot means that you really want to do) idea, take a ready made video and change the parts you like, replace it with your own data.  
Use the original video as a recyclable "envelope"

If use the following video as an example, the size of your "envelope" will be 4mn40sec.
Dont make it one sec too long or too short.  Exactly 4mn4sec.  
This is very important, so you could train yourself to reach target.  Reach target of the length of video required.  You could always make your own "directors" cut to any length you like afterwards.

Ask the people around you.  Neighbour, family, friends, strangers, tourists.
Ask the plants around you.  Flowers, trees, grass
Ask the animals around you.   Cats, dogs, ants, bees, bugs
Ask the objects around you.   Desk, chair, kitchen table, worktable
Answer some questions you find on any found paper, object, conversations heard.  Old postcards, websites, questionnaires

Folder organisation :
Put all sound clips in sound folder
Put all image clips in image folder.

Now - Script !
If you cant think of a script, use the structure in the sample CBC video.  
That will be your script structure.

Use a range of age available to you.  
Starting from age .01 sec - 0 to any age.

Open a video editing software:  any thats available to you.
Place the sound clips, image clips on the editing lines.
Put them together.

You now have your own video clip.  Gather around 5mn footage (so you could cut out some and add some to make it as perfect as you like)

You could make some props - using cardboard, paint, or simple found objects, change the background sceneries.  Like making a mini movie.  

Optional - Make your own props a// Handmade props.  (Be kind, rewind style)
b// miniature props.  (Calendar:
c// more sophisticated props, (Avatar, movie making)

Do not use a whole song for the sound clip.  You could use partial sections of a song but not the entire song.  You could change the lyrics, sing it yourself, but dont use an existing song.  Because you need to practice editing an original sound track too!


Call up your friends, make popcorn, cookies, cakes, fruit salades, soup, pizza, some drinks.
And watch everybodies video together.


CBC wiretap, farewell video.  A piece of advice from an older person to a younger person.
Very clean, reassuring video. 

Directed by Andrew Norton. 4mn40sec

 If you cant see it, go here.

Video Content:
Age of Talent in the video
6 yg girl pic
7 training wheels for babies
8 stay weird
9  baby sitter weakness
12  pop girl
16  ask her to dance
18 dont let mom throw away lego
19 easy on makeup
20 all you can eat buffet, dont eat all you can
21 wkend home hes married
30 starving family
32 be kind to your family
34 single mom
47 stop other people think
48 tell the truth
53 one cat is gd
85 spend all your money
indulge in sweet tooth
91 make yg friends
93 dont listen to others, do your own thing

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