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Friday, 9 August 2013

Soft white leather room 2005 : Mobile Music with 24/7 Guqin Jukebox music by computer software "RandQin". Prototype Digital Guqin Museum ; Neo-Ming Lantern Bed 1995

Soft white leather Mobile Music House based on Ming Lantern Bed Pattern :  Fly me to the moon with a 24/7 Digital Guqin Music is played non stop by the computer.  Visitors were amazed by the soothing ambiance and sound.  A very successful installation.  At Poznan Zamek Chateau,  International Sculpture Symposium "Sensitivity".  Poland. 2005

Very soft grade white lambskin+tarlatten cotton
2.2m large x 4.5m long x 2.4m high 

Folded Mobile Music House for shipping.

FMTTM (Fly Me to the Moon) sound tracks 24/7 jukebox, sample cycles:


Neo-Ming Lantern Bed - Installation at Chateau d'Esch, Luxembourg, 1995
For the Light Festival of Luxembourg.  A tea drinking session is presented in the bed.

1.4m wide x 2.2 height x 2.5 length, in hard wood, hand made.

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