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Saturday, 10 August 2013

YuShan Guqin House (Museum) 虞山古琴馆

I visited YuShan Guqin House (Museum) 虞山古琴馆 in 2005.
It is a place set up with a sensitivity of literati reserve.  Elegant in simplicity, quiet and without forced "cultural" glossiness.  

The Director was Mr.Zhu Xi, a player with great passion.  
He was one of the organiser of the Fourth International Dapu Conference at Changshu in 2000.
He showed us around the place, and played an hour of guqin in an informal back office.
It was a very nice ambiance without any formalities.
I have the video and will transfer it into mp4 as I get to it.

" YuShan Guqin House" 虞山古琴馆
   地址:江苏省 常熟 常熟市老城区南赵巷

Visit of the Guqin Museum  - Changshu has been declared Heritage Town of the Guqin by Unesco.

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