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Saturday, 10 August 2013

"Documenta 9" + "6 Tongs" + "Wear your Art"; a Hong Kong street performance of 30mn at 4 public venues

Documenta 9 was about the body, performance. 
We decided to explore about the body and create a short performance for the public of Hong Kong.
The group also participated at "Wear your Art" Competition, organised by Philippe Charriol Foundation".  Our students got selected for the final catwalk show!  We had 8 entrants, and won 6 places amongst the 12 finalists!
Everybody had a lot of fun at the Grand Hyatt for the gala opening.
(more photos later)

6 Tongs : was the name of the performance in public 2004
The theatre performance composed of 6 groups of 2 people.  Each group had a mobile semi private space which was created from an umbrella with floor length veil.

Director and Designer of the organisational structure of the show was - the teacher.  :)  Shuen-git Natasha Chow
Students designed their own piece, resolved material problems, transportation, and organised a unifying theme.

(I will find the catalogue and invitation cards to make sure i spelled all the students names correctly... please wait)

Non-registered film students from other classes also volunteered to come shoot a documentary!
Students were very excited about the project. A very successful event.  

Acting, exploring the body is a very soulful experience, and we learn our selves, our power, our relations with the other, through practice and interaction.

There were two invitation cards... will find them and upload, plus the video of the show itself.

Hong Kong has a lot of Chinese styled ad-hoc spaces set up by local people and they are used in a casual way.
There is one specially designed as a formal Chinese garden, The "LingNan Garden" a Southern Chinese Garden style was set up at one of the housing estates.  

Traditional Chinese gardens often has a theatre pavilion and this garden also has one. 

The group has chosen to do one of the performances in a traditional Chinese style space.  It turns out that it is one of the most esthetic - well suited for a formal performance space.

The public performances were:

1// City University's Roman amphitheatre : standard performance space - private on campus
2// Cattle Depot Artist Village: Village like artist space - semi private - only people who knew about it would have a chance to see the show
3// LingNan Chinese Garden - open public theatre pavilion space.  Anyone at the garden would have seen it.  People could come to the garden freely.
4// Lan Kwai Fong pedestrian street - highly public scene.  The street is one of the hottest most congested popular places for dining out, drinks and general meetings, lively night life.

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