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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

sl Gacha event at Arcade 2013, Sept

I discovered this high quality sim - The Arcade -  a few months ago, it was not in action.   Artists in sl are also artists in rl, so here we are!  An interactive online animation game!  

In 2007, there were many high quality sims, a lot of them have disappeared.  I wished I could visit them again with my knowledge of sl now.  Maybe Linden Lab could /will do something about it?  (Such as the Clock Island Sim.)

The coming up event at the Arcade is a wonderful time to see whats going on. I have visited an Arcade Museum in Sans Francisco a few years ago, the games, and toys, and machanical juke box, oracle distributors are so much fun for everybody. Though it was nearly empty of visitors and the displays dusty and probably not functioning anymore. Sl is a wonderful platform to play all these arcade games. And the Gacha event - is for luck! Chinese people love to play "luck" games. Gambling, random win falls. Looking forward to see this in sl. Maybe a machinima on this?

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