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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tickets ***half

Tickets ***half
Olmi, Koarostrami, Loach

Story of a train with all kinds of people on it.  They intertwine and make up a superb funny humanist movie.  Nobody is all good and nobody is all bad.

Generals wife, fat, spoilt, unreasonable, demanding - the way she speaks is so familiar to me, sounds just like some people I know.  Teenage girls, young man, handsome and lovable, to accompany as helper to the generals wife.  Albanians, a young boy, the football fans taking a liking to the boy, they offer him sandwiches - from the supermarket where they work, lots of them, different flavors to last the whole football fan event.  They speak rough and no-culture with lots of fucking in every phrase.  Very funny and endearing in the end.  They tried to pick up some Italian girls, but was just tolerated, and when the girls got off, they all have boy friends or girl friends; we knew from the start, there won't be any romance.  They asked if they could sleep at the girls place.  Very innocent, naive people.  They figured out the Albanian boy stole one train ticket while they were being nice to him... in the end, the mother explained that, they were ripped off by the immigrant thugs... etc etc.  So, film jump to the end, the police comes and arrests the celtique football fans - and they just took a run after they see, yes, the Albanians are not thieves they were just trying to make their way... so they also ran and jeered at the train controller that - he never farted without staying within the rules... etc etc...  funny, vitality with realities framing the whole story.   Every character in the film seem like real people, they don't look like the typical beauties, no Monica Belluci belles here... but humans with their lovable sides and not so lovable sides.  All mixed together.  The guy who accused the generals wife of stealing his phone was wrong and she just refuse to show him her phone etc... because she is the generals wife.  Basta! (But he too just helped her take her bags off the train, because her helper had enough of her and just disappeared)
so on so forth.  

Fast paced, we just want to know whats going to happen next?

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