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Friday, 24 August 2012

The Sweet Hereafter (De Beaux Lendemains) Atom Egoyan

The Sweet Hereafter (De Beaux Lendemains): 1997
director: Atom Egoyan
Genre: romantic intrigue humanist

Bus accident, who's fault?  Many people in the story and each one has its own problems.
The lawyer, with a drug addict daughter.  The driver, a religious loving caring woman with a police man handicapped probably from a stroke. The good "hippie" couple with an adopted son in the accident they live in a teepee style wood construction house with nature style earthy cloth and photos, drawings, artisanat, beautiful day light washing in from the triangular window - the couple with an obese obtuse man and a high strung gd looking wife - she sleeps w a truck driver - his two children also killed in the accident.  He was following the bus, he could testify to the speed of the bus, at 72miles/hour, but for reasons unknown he doesn't want to.  So the only survivor a talented singer with his super dad, testifies, she lied about the speed.  She said its 110miles/hour.  Over speeding, so not the fault of the bus.  Why?  Because her father wants the money for compensation for the loss of her future career as musician... she thinks because of that she doesn't want him to have it.  Also there was a scene where he kissed her on the lips on the sofa - not an ordinary father and daughter relationship.  
Each scene is carefully, softly woven together with many details, music delicately to match the events happening linking one event to the other.  Some naked women scenes but shown in a natural way, not pornographic, nor even erotic.  Everything is natural.
Such is life, one thing leads to another, each person does things for their own reason.
And nothing is perfect.
The snow scene in Canada is sublime.  And who would want to live in such a place?  Wilderness, clean air, but stuffy in the social fabric.  Small towns with limited visions, non acceptance of the "other" even though they can't think of anything wrong w the "other".
This film won 100% evaluation from Rotten Tomato critics.  It is a delicate tapestry, but like so many delicate tapestries in the world, it doesn't go beyond the present.   

I find this film slightly too ngan ngan.

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