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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

HBO Documentary Featuring Second Life & Machinima Emmy Nomination

HBO Documentary Featuring Second Life & Machinima Gets Emmy Nomination for Innovation in News

"When Strangers Click",

 last year's HBO documentary about online romance featuring a couple who met in Second Life and a lot of SL machinima, was recently nominated for an Emmy award, under the category "New Approaches to News and Documentary Programming". (Emmy listings here.) The rest of the documentary, by Robert Kenner, while good, was pretty standard, so I strongly think the machinima footage was a major part of the Emmy nomination. (My friend Douglas Gayeton, who created the "Molotov Alva" machinima that HBO also picked up, helped Kenner a lot on that front.) I hope this encourages other documentary filmmakers to experiment with machinima, and to look for great stories to tell in worlds like SL. (I can guarantee you they're teeming with them.)

News of this comes to me from NWN alum Rik Riel, who was a consultant on the project, so thanks and congrats are in order. See a clip from the documentary after the break:

By the way, this isn't even the first SL project to get an Emmy nomination -- "Deep Down" got one last year, and in 2008, an SL project actually won an Emmy.

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