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Saturday, 11 August 2012

A Single Man ***half

A Single Man ***half 2009

Very beautiful esthetic film with interesting and intelligent dialogue.  Set in the 60s, every frame is a visual elegance of cool grey, brown tones.  
The story about a homosexual professor who has measured passions, gets along well with ex's, both men and women.  Who contemplates suicide due to the loss of his partner.  Delicate, he does not necessarily pay someone to have "requests", altogether totally honorable in body and spirit.  What, how he does he come to be the professor ?  The character somehow lacks depth - we understand his emotional turmoil, but I am not too convinced in this professors-in-literature role, because someone in this field should be  capable of more intricate mental acrobatics; much more than what we are allowed to see.   Or should we believe professors are easy just skins that anyone could wear?

What kind of professor could he have been?  If he were a so-so professor, we would have much less sympathy for him.  Just like, if he were not well to do, not polite, not handsome, and not intelligent; this character becomes very banal.  

The missing part is maybe, with all these attractive qualities, how could he have deployed them to make himself swim up and out of his hole?  If he didn't even try... then, something else needs to explain why he didn't try.

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