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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

brainpickings, Scholar Stone, Scholar Stone Flower

sg taking pic; photo by Mr.Wang QiJun


“Scholar Stone Flower 2011”

Scholar stones are traditionally pieces of stones selected and displayed similar to vegetal bonsai for visual and spiritual enjoyment。Flowers are universally enjoyed for its sexy beauty and pleasure as a symbol of plenitude Together we see simple lines of construction that transform a stone into a flower。 The shiny stainless steel scholar stone flowering into long term happiness for many special moments to come。


透过明亮简洁的统一线条,空靈巨雕赏石开花; 大人小孩旁边一站,自身马上变小;指向一段闪亮多姿硬朗洁净又长线的开心时光。

Web site of the day

very nice site, from graphics to content

Many people ask me about Scholar Stone Flower, especially the part about the Scholar Stone. Either they dont see the stone, or they think its funny to have a stone thats "Scholarly". So I found some online information to clarify what rock collectors love - Scholar Stone.

More pictures of the Changchun sculpture symposium, thanks to Sury's detail photo documentary!

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