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Monday, 12 September 2011

Planet of the apes 2011, Russian Watch, PeiYou and Stephane

New Russian Bracelet Watch
Have not worn a watch for a long time, but its easy to tell time if you wear one, instead of having to look at your mobile phone. So I started wear a watch again, and this bracelet watch is really gd for lazy people, you just put it on one click, and not have to do the buckle belt thing.

Russian watch, (most likely made in China) From Harbin Russian Friendship store. Since I had idle time, I bought this affected by the enthusiasm of Winnie - a real shopper - afterwards, at brkfst, real Russian Tuii says, hehehe its kitsch, (but I like it more and more everyday... )so far its keeping time v well...

PeiYou and Stephane

First qin player visitors since I arrange my qin playing "house" - to the size of a tiny house! PeiYou thinks the Half HunDun is good and suggested that I put silk strings on one of my qins, maybe this is the one. I will but no time to play now, will do it later. So nice to hear her play on the qin.


Planet of the apes 2011 **half

Intelligent monkeys, getting out of the lab, going back to his natural forest leading many apes... fight w police, wild life animal prison, medical lab testing. End of story

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