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Monday, 3 October 2011

Half HunDun Qin, and Song HunDun Qin

Half HunDun Qin 半混沌琴 by Shuen-git Chow 2003, completed in 2006​109/t20110909_77345.htm
very famous 混沌 HunDun qin from Northern Song Dynasty.
I call my qin Half Hundun because its half straight and half w 2 "eyes" - it has always been Half Hundun since 2003, so that the name of the chouchou Half Hundun! :)

As for the famous Song Hundun, its smooth "tongue depresser" shaped.

The one and only authentic " 半混沌琴 Half Hundun qin" is as shown in this picture above. Copyright protected.

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