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Friday, 9 September 2011

Melancholia (2011 film)

Melancholia (2011 film)****

Lars von Trier's films have always been hard to watch for me. I dont enjoy watching his movies. There is always some sadistic torture elements in them that i feel very hard for the actresses.

Here, Melancholia is a surprise. Kirsten Dunst is truly remarkable, she looks at times v potato faced - like a lump of white starch but then she smiles and she glows w dimples and sensuality with many many nuances and turns of a character, very expressive. There is also something very spontaneous in each scene, like a home cinema of a sort using hand held camera? The camera shakes and shuffles from one take to the next. But it creates immediatecy this is the Von Trier method and its really good here. Charlotte Gainsbourg looked dry and self controlled as her character should be, not very sympathetic but v kind and well brought up as she should be.
There is an enigma, whats going on w this wedding? and how come these two sisters are fighting, the two actresses are so well put together one slim and dry the other fleshy but full blooded and daringly outspoken... and how could a mother be so rude in such a context, and the father so silly etc etc All absurb situations.

The music and visuals all very beautiful and esthetic. The riding beating of the horses, the Kirsten Dunst nude facing the moon on disaster ending of the world approaching all v impressive.

Apparently Von Trier conceived of the story from his depression session with his analyst. Maybe that makes the components stick out from the usual expected political correct dialogues in most story telling.

Its an extraordinary; flashy and at the same time calm film.

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