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Monday, 21 March 2016

Film Review: Festival des films de femmes 2016/// The Empire of Shame (Samsung story) ***; Tour of Duty ***half; Grandma LoFi; In Three Acts **half

Festival des films de femmes 2016

The Empire of Shame (Samsung story) ***
Documentary revealing the hell thats behind our Samsung phones and computers.

Tour of Duty (Comfort women story) ***half
Documentary about Asian women forced to work as sex worker during war times.  Those who have gone and married US soldiers and found not much of a better life, those who stayed home and be independant, refused to be leached by men, those children who are the unions of soldiers and local women, some disowned, left at orphanage.  The longing for a mother and the hardship of integrating into very conservative Asian society.  Poetically shot, with v clear straight forward information, no soft edging - its tragedy right from the start.  These longings will be impossible to fulfil.  Mother wanting daughters to understand.  Children wanting to find their mothers.  Successful comfort women in business still finds dis illusion in love - just like any women from around the world.  The sequence on abortion was so good.  This woman is a v v strong spirit with human integrity.  She would have made it in whatever position she found herself.  Very very gd, v v courageous women.  

There are v v gd details.  We see her opening her shop, eating straight out of the pot, talking straight to the metis woman that, "shes probably dead. (...dont waste your energy)"  Raining on abandonned concrete shed blocks that shows many many night bar joints. Simple boxes.  Even when new would have been a bit sordid with American soldiers loneliness trying to be fulfilled w soft Asian women... the black and white photo is gd, we see actually what a prettier moment might have been.  The sequence with the metis looking for mom, wearing a red ruffled found dress... old mirrors...  All v v gd with no nonsense endless walks through the neighbourhood.  The art brut painter lady prefers to live in this rainy leaky hut rather than have to stay in us with an even colder/estranged human environment.  We see that her home is v clean and tidy, she is an esthetically oriented person.  And her monologue to her daughter is v sensitive.  Read by someone with a Korean accent English.  V v gd.  The expression on the woman face - of the restaurant owner, is v v gd.  She seemed to be looking into the moments of the various times of abortion.  Her description of the under term babies being dragged out of the wombs.  Like timeless, an existential moment of looking into the future / and past.  Timelessness in her face.

Tragedy cannot be avoided because the situation is created that there will be problems... life, blood, sweat and tears; and understanding.

video trailer 2012

Grandma LoFi (homemade cds by a grandmother) ***
Vintage style, charming, handmade cd, music, kitchen sounds, hand made drawings... a kind of naive music style - almost Art Brut of music.  Cute, charming.  

This film inspired me to look up other composers/musicians that I have long forgotten.
Like, Applebaum, and all the beat box/ percussion/ word artist/ poetic sounds.

An atelier linked to/inspired by this film with 2 musicians leading 15 participants to create a short sound piece which was performed in the reception hall for all visitors.
Instruments used were mostly percussive, banging metal, bottle w seeds, scratching, whisks, chopsticks, survival blankets, elastic over paper tubes... 

In Three Acts  **half
Drama film ‧ 1h 16m
Director: Lúcia Murat
Very gentle dancer /dancing talking about aging, dying. Feminine, full of grace. Gently gently, we see the Catholics /Christians view of dying. Why such a name for a rather beautifully elegant nice body movement film?  I think if the director have used another less "umbrella-envelope" name, more people might have gone to see this docu drama.

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