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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 88: Guqin : Contemporary art and culture

好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 88: Guqin : Contemporary art and culture

Shuengit Natasha Chow/ Swannjie Chow

Guqin : contemporary Art and Culture
DGM (Digital Guqin Museum) 

DGM (Digital Guqin Museum)
started in 2007, as a 3d virtual reality/ physical reality research creation project - as a testing research field using the platform of multiple player online game engine virtual reality Secondlife.

1   1996 - John Thompson played guqin at Francois Picard's home, professor of musicologie at Sorbonne, Paris.  

2   1997 - invited by Lau Chor Wah - to film their guqin making activity at Choi Fook Gai - a Hong Kong guqin making studio, to test the first generation of digital handycam (job for CUHK).  30mn film "HK guqin players"

History of research-creation:
3   2000 - Guqin conference in Changshu, where 200+ guqin players, master players, younger researchers all attended.  DVD of Guqin interactive play project presented at the conference

4   Introduction of Digital Technology for promotion and preservation of Guqin art and culture.  Presented at first conference of Unesco on the guqin in 2001?  (ref here)

5  2004-2006 - Designed and created Half Hundun, Handscroll qin with assistance from Tian Shuang Kun, Zheng MingZhong. (ref here)
   1  Invited Prof Chen Changlin to collaborate on Guqin work, promotion and        
       development of art and culture of guqin using Digital Technology.
   2   2004  Interactive music score works:  1::: Pale Ink, and 2::: Zebrafish; with Teo 
       KhengChong (Pale Ink) (Hong Kong guqin master and professor at APA), and Wang      
       Duo (Zebrafish) (Suzhou guqin master and professor at Beijing University/ Suzhou 
   3  Presented both work at Shanghai Museum.  (ref. here)

   4  Visited Pang GuoHui string making studio

6  2007 Digital Guqin Museum virtual reality/physical reality project.
Swannjie is an avatar who presents art and culture of guqin to the online sl community.
Concerts were given upon invitation at Chinese culture festivals, research conference, real life/virtual reality musical events (Transmusical at Rennes)

7  2009 Digital Guqin Museum Huakui Mobile Music House 10% presented in Taiwan.

8  2009 summer, learnt to play guqin at Zhao JiaZhen guqin art center in Beijing.  Teacher from Central Conservatory Music, Beijing.  (One month intensive group lessons: 6 in class. Half a day everyday for one month.)

Visited Wang Peng's studio
Visited Tian Shuang Kun's studio

9  2010 Tainan National University of the Arts, Plastic Arts Graduate Research Institute - taught virtual reality story telling

10  2011-2024 Tainan National University of the Arts, Animation and Film Graduate Research Institute - taught art directing/cult film/ story telling.  

11  Publication of virtual reality DGM work at SL conference (best paper), and professional Guqin conference (see ref. color reproduction of research conference proceeding with sl Picture Book)

12  2010 Tainan National University of the Arts, Chinese Musical Instrument Studio under direction of Shan ZheYuan(verify spelling) - created xyz #1, #2 guqins after the Shosoin model in Nara.

Presented xyz Qin Research Creation at Chime, Leiden 2012

13  2015 dec worlds first Carbon Fiber guqin prototype - presented at Guqin conference in Beijing.
Advisors: Shan ZhiYuan (Taiwan), Tian Shuang Kun and many other specialists of guqin makers met at conference.

Visited Suxin silk string studio
Met inventor of new tuning peg.(ref here)

14  2016 First Carbon Fiber Guqin official launch; and first "Who's in the Qin?" (Qin Zhong Ren 琴中人) Qin launch (original creation: Shuengit Chow).  projected date : May 2016

15  Exhibition of Qin Collection of DGM - first: in virtual world+physical space.  2016

1- Fu Xi style: guqin maker: Zhang Jian Hua, Beijing
2- Original design and realisation : Half Hundun style, 
3- Original design and realisation : Handscroll style : guqin maker: Shuengit Chow
4- Zhong Ni style : Wang Peng, Beijing
5- Zhong Ni style : Tian ShuangKun, Beijing
6- Sheng Nong style : xyz#1 (fir) Original research : guqin maker: Shuengit Chow, assisted by Shen zhiyuan, Taiwan
7- Sheng Nong style : xyz#2 (paulawnia)  Original research : guqin maker: Shuengit Chow, assisted by Shen zhiyuan, Taiwan
8- Sheng Nong style : xyz#3 (to be 3d printed with gd accoustic material)  Original research : guqin maker: Shuengit Chow. (on-going)
9- Half Hundun style: carbon fiber guqin : Shuengit Chow (needs to be perfected)
10- Sheng Nong style : carbon fiber guqin : Shuengit Chow (projected date: May 2016)
11- "Who's in the Qin?  琴中人" style : original creation : Shuengit Chow, execution: Tian ShuangKun (projected date: May 2016)

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