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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 42 : Boxes and buzzing networks; needle point, paint by number, tapestry of intricate weaving

 好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 42 : Boxes and buzzing networks; needle point, paint by number, tapestry of intricate weaving

I saw this stand up comic, he talked about men and women.
How men have many boxes, they only deal w things inside the box.  Everything stays inside, they go from one box to another.  Their favorite box is one that is empty.  They just love to go there.

women are v diff, they have all these buzzing going on, this one is related to that, to this, to those... buzz buzz buzz, everyhting is linked in a giant network, buzzing buzzing.

I think when it comes to things I dont really enjoy and I have to take care of it, I deal w it like "boxes".  However w things I enjoy doing, then everything i see are related.

To have a relaxed spirit and peace of mind, the "boxes" method is most clean and healthy.  I recommend "boxes" for complicated problems to stay sain in the mind.  You just break the large problem into smaller parcels and resolve each section at a time - but keeping the overall picture in mind - what is the target outcome.  One box, then another box, like cleaning up house - to arrive at a nice home with an overall design idea. 

In computer science there is such a thing as sharing networks to resolve a big task.  The big task is broken down into many parcels - so its more efficient.  And the machine is not bogged down.

I just cleaned the balcony - organised all the plants.  Already enough for the day.  I also re-organised the dishes a bit.

Hang up the new needle point w lady+gent in living room.

No matter how intricate the needle point is, next to real art work, its just a piece of arts and crafts. 
Its not bright, its spirit is much less lively.  Like a framed miniature wall paper made of microscopic flat patches of color.

I wonder if the cross stitch was more subtle, if it were like the Unicorn tapestry in cross stitch... would that change the nature of "needlework"?  The original tapestry was a mix of intricate colors of weaving, not pixelised cross stitch.

Now, it looks like a kind of paint by number painting on my wall. 
And it is, paint by number painting is a type of "needle point" craft work.

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