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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

10 Ideas-1 :: Photography :: Chinese Ink Painting by YangYongLiang; Dan Marbaix : Abandonned bldgs; Peter Menzel : groceries; Mark Tilden : micro robot; 梅佳代: everyday photographer

Media Art :: 10  ideas

1//  杨泳梁    (ink drawing, urban landscape in Asia)

 2//  Dan Marbaix: Abandonned bldg from around the world (international adventure)
3//  One wks grocery from around the world :: Peter Menzel (commercial photographer)
00175432 What A Week Of Groceries Looks Like Around The World

 4//  Mark Tilden : micro robot 1995  (micro controllers, insect+robots, sound, piezo, knitting 2005)

 electronic life forms is a media art and research project of Pascal Glissmann and Martina Höfflin. It investigates the fascination for artificial life and the principles of interaction theoretically and artistically.

9 sculptures of knitted wire occupy the entrance hall of the Supercomputingcentre of the university in Stuttgart. Parasite circuits sit on them, using the energy given by solar cells to create sounds and movements.

5// 梅佳代 Photos by an "Everyday photographer" (Japan) using automatic + identical settings to catch glimpses of the everyday.

6// Dance of Africa : (body movements, music, costumes, facial expressions)

7// Brown Girls and White Girls (cultural differences, humour, dress up, performance)

8//  Robots+Architecture 2014 (robots, architecture, fabrication, fablab)

9//Absolut Vodka window display (robotic production, craft, commerce, advertising)

10//Walking city  :
Walking City / Universal Everything (UK)
Universal Everything‘s “Walking City” is a spare but stylish video that merges elements of sculpture, architecture and motion. What the viewer sees throughout the eight-minute work is an abstract, humanoid figure resolutely striding from left to right, constantly maintaining the same unwavering rhythm. While the sculpture keeps up its forceful but monotonous locomotion, its shape is undergoing incessant metamorphosis (though its color never varies from white). Matt Pyke’s sculpture seems to be walking through the streets of a modern metropolis and, like a chameleon that changes colors to blend into its environment, reflects the surfaces, structures and materials of the surrounding façades. In combination with the soundtrack, a shuffle by his brother Simon, Matt Pyke’s single-mindedly marching but continuously morphing “Transformer” exerts a nearly hypnotic effect.

Walking City from Universal Everything on Vimeo.

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