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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Chat bot Eugene Goostman passes Turing Test; xFactor chatbox

Chatbot Avatar "Eugene Goostman" Passes Turing Test

As you might have read over the weekend, the 65 year old Turing Test was just passed for the very first time -- but not as often reported, via a "supercomputer", but a chatbot avatar personality named "Eugene Goostman" -- more on him in this video from last year. I think it's fair to call Eugene an avatar since he's designed with a very specific personality (a smartass teen boy). You should typically be able to chat with Eugene at this link, but the site seems to be down due to traffic. I wonder if his chatbot technology can be introduced into virtual worlds. Blue Mars featured a chatbot which scored high on the Turing Test. Then there's chatbots like "Social Autopoiesis" in SL , which I once had a charming, foul-mouthed conversation with:
We totally passed the Turing Test for F Bombs. Update, 6:03pm: On the other hand, maybe Eugene never really passed the Turing Test and maybe it doesn't quite matter if he even did.

I had conversations with a chat box in a Buddha several years ago, its humourous.  And the chat box learns and gets more intelligent as more conversation is produced.  The ai is now relocated here...

Chat with xfactor:

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