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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Biloxi Blues ***half, The Horse Whisperer, August Osage County, Parkland, A Touch of Evil

Biloxi Blues ***half

Wonderful movie.  I watched it because of Christopher Walkens - but turns out that this movie is very much an intellectual's film.  The sharp minded Epstein is especially powerful.  How we should reason and how to be a responsible human being.  What it means to be an observer and what it means to be a participating individual.  

I had watched 4 more films on the plane, but this one makes the most impression on me.

The other 4 are:

The Horse Whisperer ***   ... w Robert Redford
August Osage County ***   ... w Meryl Streep
Parkland *** --- on Kennedy's Assaination
A touch of Evil ***    ... Orson Welles

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