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Thursday, 13 March 2014

American Hustle ***half

American Hustle ***half

I wanted to watch and rewatch the details of this film.  It is pure entertainment.  Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams are so good.  Christian Bale's character is astonishing, what make up can do for an actor.  Reminds me to not get fat,  you look old and sloppy immediately.
The music, the plot everything fits well together.
For Lawrence, she is so young, but v convincing.  Wonder how people grow up?  How could you pack so much experiences into an acting gig?  Very impressive.  Amy Adams character has depth and very touching.  Very beautiful layering of authenticity of a person.  

Is this a super great movie?  Yes, will it be a super classic to be rewatched over and over again.  No.  The story, the plot, the content is not that type of movie, its entertainment.  And what super entertainment!

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