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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Yuzi Paradise - Tell the Moon // now Club Med...

"Tell the Moon" artist: Shuengit Natasha Chow 
 Yuzi Paradise has become Club Med - 

"Tell the Moon", 
foreground; walk-in sculpture : circular space with verticals in interlinked ovals.
The ovals frames the landscape all around, so when visitor walk inside, they see framed oval pictures all around.
Material:  steel and stainless steel
Dimension: 4.5m high x 6m diameter
Artist:  Shuen-git Natasha Chow



 Sculptors on the boat trip in Guilin.

Some pictures of the sculpture in the Park here by sculptor Dina Merhav on her blog:

More work in hard wood, leather, copper wire, Digital Guqin music work

Stone, wood, and iron work coming... 

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