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Friday, 22 February 2013

Man on Wire, Waking Life, A Scanner Darkly; rotoscope, rasterbator

Man on Wire, ****

The documentary has achieved a great feat of story telling - because we already know that Philippe Petit has walked across the twin towers successfully!  He is already a globally famous wire walker.  How to tell this story?  The director carefully did reconstructions, and no details spared.  Its like watching someone putting delicate pieces of puzzles of a house together - any one error, slightest false move, the house would have collapsed.  Its a cheerful film too, it gives everyone power to watch this, such an incredible feat - but with proper planning - dreams do come true!  I really like the characters, their personality have shone through a very sensitive handling of material and diplomatic editing.  

At one point i was quite astonished that Jean-Louis the friend of Philippe started to cry, tears just rolled down his face and he covered it with his hands.  In other films, scenes of this type is usually avoided, and the camera would have moved to another part of the person without showing the face.  But here, it is very subtle, if he had not cried, i would not have understood the relationship between the two.  Yes, there is love, and this feat has been made possible - maybe, because its a love story.

Waking Life, ***

I love the painting - the rotoscope work - in this film, not only is the dialogue the story fresh and vibrant but the screen itself is such a pleasure to watch.

A Scanner Darkly ***

I am so happy to see a second film with the same beautiful hand painted rotoscope.  The story is once again fantastic - it took many hours of painting!  better be a good story to be worthy of such love.

Then I checked out rotoscope - what has become of rotoscope in animation?  I wish more films are made like this.  
There is a software, Studio Artist which could do automatic rotoscope - but the quality?  Even though its a magnificent tool, the outcome is still not the same as a handpainted output.  Not the same at all.  Its like the difference between a hand crafted piece of lace work and a perfect automatic 3D printer output of a piece of lace.  One feels vibrant, and the other mechanical, a little dead.

And I found also a freebie software, Rotoscope or a game rather, a rotoscope online; just play with it and it does the rotoscoping for you, afterwards you could download your creation too!  And you could also upload to share with others online.


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