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Friday, 8 February 2013

PaperBoy ***

PaperBoy *** 2012
genre: intrique in small town Texas with murder, sex, psychological dents in everyday people

I like this movie, its very rich in all its details.  Everything fits.  Nicole Kidman is very good in this movie.  She is usually a bit cold and wooden, here, she somehow inhabits the character well.  She has a walk and a gait... all in character.
I like everything in the movie.  There is a wave of middle-lower white trash body of film work coming out.  Is America ready to tell this range of human stories coming from their world?  "Winter's Bone" etc all coming through maybe Doris Day, Woody Allen type of cushy refinements of America is finally all told we must get more grass root, the people stories.
I guess every country has a layer of "grass root" stories, it will get told when the glossier subjects are over told.  Everywhere is the same.  People want to hear something with more authenticity in it, whether its the "truth" or not, the details are also interesting.  We recognize the pop tunes, LaBelle singing, alligator gutting.  Working in a garage as newspaper office... home like relations of servant and the boss.  Something easy going and truthful, or believable.

However, overall speaking, this is story telling with a fishing net, all kinds of period details and sounds, images are quickly caught, linked together with a story line - alls well balanced explained accounted for, we are told from beginning to end, through the mouth of the servant (how would she know?  why is she so complacent?  She is not afraid of consequences as a black person in deep south in a low powered situation?  ) So the story is constructed, reasoned, and covering lots of ground it gets told with little twists of the plots.

In a lot of places, the story is not quite believable because of the construction has not been chosen carefully - for example, I don't think it makes sense that we are asked to believe the situation (the swamp) is so dangerous, and the newspaper boys are unarmed - no weapon! and they still go dig in - just for a newspaper story?

Little bit bumpy story logic in the details but overall nice movie.

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