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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Girl Next Door , dir Christine Fugate; Tabloid, dir Errol Morris

The Girl Next Door ***
dir Christine Fugate
Documentary over 2 years

There is something strange about this girl, Stacey Valentine.  She looks so nice and very articulate about her work, but she seem to somehow fell into pornography because somebody told her to do this?  As a former "flat chested" girl (not so flat as that) why she has to keep on making big boobs?   Its her professional tools that she keeps on augmenting which makes her a self designed pornographic professional. She doesn't look hard as common porn stars do.  Porn stars usually have faces of a soldier.  Tough.  Its part of the attraction for the "challengers"?  
Here she speaks softly, and shows her mom and step dad, all humanly understandable entourage with ordinary peoples acceptance of what sex is, what differences in gender might look at sex as... horny not so horny etc.  As her mom says, lots of people are adopted, divorced, poor, all kinds of conditions - that presents hardships - but they don't become porn stars.  Stacey looks lovely.  Not your ordinary hard core porn star.  She is comfortable with her nudity.  Natural fit for the profession.
We see a v direct intimate day to day life of what being porn star means, it means breast implants - showing the doc cutting up breast, pulling out implant, re-insert the bags, the body here really looks like a rubber doll - liposuction all along hip, upper thigh and abdomen.  Its body sculpture, maintenance.  If it were not for the profession, would women go for this styling by choice?  How does one decide boobs are big enough?
I like the way the film maker has shown the details.  But I still don't understand why Stacey is in this business - i think she is a natural, she deserves to make the money and enjoy it too.  She doesn't feel humiliated by doing the work she does.  Though in one scene for the anal sex, it does look like it hurts.  Its not all fun fun fun.  She says in one scene that her sex drive is at zero - but a job is a job, you just do it.  One main weakness thats shown, or the unrosy part of the story is that she doesnt trust people.  This makes her alone.  
Maybe when sex is used as a profession, its no longer an improvable art - there is a physical limit to what you could do in the sex act - because it is done as a spectator art.  The spectator decides where the limit is.  The ultimate limit is - as we see in newspapers, tabloid newspapers - the end of the body.  

Tabloid ***
dir Errol Morris
Investigative Documentary over 2 years

Compare this to the film "Tabloid" by Errol Morris, the central character, Joyce McKinney is also a professional bondage erotic service girl.  Though now, she has retired.  Joyce denies her profession, even though we have ads and photos to see that is what she does. In these photos, she also doesn't seem hard and humiliated, she looks like she enjoys this along with money and fame.

There is nothing wrong with both professions.  Porn film star and private by appointment Bondage sex playmate, they are in need and there is a demand. 

These are such physical activities, a lot depends on the body as tool.  And bondage is a more cerebral form of porn, whereas the physical porn is more atheletic.  Both are probably not so romantic as all that.  But the romance the emotional contact is missing because it doesn't pass by the body, its in the brain.

Holding hands with another man/woman is more a cause for jealousy than having sex.

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