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Monday, 12 November 2012

Italian for Beginners

A Dogma Film


MIL: You're mainly an independent filmmaker. Did you feel restricted by Hollywood conventions when making this film?
LS: Well, it is in my contract that you have to be able to edit your way out of things that could be controversial. If you have a dialogue that someone only says in the nude you have to make sure that you also do a close up. The good thing about the size of this film is that the budget is big enough to give you a sense of what things looked like but small enough to have integrity.
MIL: Is it different directing a film that you haven't written?
LS: Completely. It's much harder to get to know the script, and you can't fix things. But this time I decided to just trust the material and make sure that Nick's dialogue and tone wasn't overpowered. My job was about getting the humour, delivering all the layers getting the most out of every moment. Just to tell the story but not write the story, it's a different job.
MIL: Do you miss making Dogme films, or do you prefer working with a bigger budget?
LS: For certain kinds of story and script, Dogme does wonders. You have a freedom that is unbelievable and that is not matched by anything. It's about artistic liberation. When you do a film with a bigger budget it's not liberating because you can't just point the camera in any direction. But you do have more control and the film looks more like you imagined than a Dogme film. Somehow this film ended up being really glamorous.
MIL: What are you doing now?
LS: I'm writing a couple of scripts and doing a lot of writing and reading in the hope that a good project will land on my desk. Not just good but where I have a chance of turning it into a good film too. It has to be the right combination of something where it’s a challenge, but it’s a challenge that I can live up to.

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