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Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Birds ***half, Three Days of the Condor ***

The Birds ***half, 
Hitchcock thriller

The film has very beautiful scenes and color - hair clothes, walls, tables, cars, all in v pleasant pastel tones.
Everybody has seen this film i think, about seagulls, crows, all suddenly attacking a beautiful lady who is a rich spoiled romantic gal following a man from a chance encounter at a bird shop.  
Birds attacking people on a rowboat (no where to run), on innocent children at school, in a private home with widowed loveless cold mother - each character has been described in fine details, so we think there will be some human intrigue from all the descriptions.  But turns out birds are attacking this weekend visitor for no reason.  Many special effects, birds threatening to break down the house.
The very interesting part is the documentary part of the dvd.  Everyone talks about the difficulties of making this film, mechanical birds, training crows, tying magnates to the feet so the birds stay put on the wire...painting the original film over so the cars bursting into flames from one side of the street to the other becomes believable, how to shoot birds flying over the town.  And the telephone booth with shatter prove glass - which wasn't - and Tippi the star had to have splinters of glass removed from her face after the glass shattered.  They also used real birds when they weren't supposed to, and these live birds were thrown into the face of the star for 5 days.  She ended up in a hospital for a week and the rest of the scenes were shot using a double.  Etc etc.  

I think, its a very macho milieu, they have no respect for anybody.

Three Days of the Condor ***

Quick paced story about CIA and the use of contract killers, and the ruthless wiping out of a whole section of people without a second thought.  Faye Dunaway looks really beautiful here.  With Robert Redford as the Condor.

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