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Monday, 17 September 2012

Minnie and Moskowitz***half, Koji Yamamura***half

Minnie and Moskowitz, ***half
genre: love story

The film is shot without much ambiance sound, only dialogue.  Looks like a documentary, very vibrant.  And Gena Rowland is so cute and pretty.  The Moskowitz is played by a not too handsome crazy looking guy.  Very touching.  Beautiful apartment for someone who works in a museum and equally sassy Jewish mom repliques.  "My son is a bum, look at him... why not just live together, why bother to get married, its much simpler..."  Here is a mom who never want her bum son to be attached to any other woman...
Very fresh and funny movie.  We also know, yes, they got married.  But what comes after is something else.  It is romance and realistically, the romance is current up to a point.  The director shows all the problems upfront and in spite of these fundamental problems, they made it to the church.  But we spectators know further down the road, it will be disaster.

Koji Yamamura ***half

Great variety of experimental animation, graphics, music, different ways to telling stories.  Forms and figurines.  Great imagination.  Good music

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