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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Russian Ark ***, Paranoid Park ***

Russian Ark ***

A very interesting one shot feature film. I had seen interviews of "making of" on youtube, its also very interesting.
What a great idea, no editing, just in camera editing... the pre-production is also enormous, lots of organisation! The director had one day to shoot the film because the location is inside the Hermitage museum and they only let them shoot on the off day. But what a fantastic location, very special. Rare.

As the film rolls along - we are aware of the camera framing re-framing all the time, unlike an edited movie. We see real paintings, scenarios, color of the wall, painting frames, (in ordinary movies, when you see a painting, it is a decor so usually kind of rough, look-a-like paintings but here, all the details are solid, good! can stand up to a close up without any problems). Then the actors and actresses are doing a continuous tableau display - including the sound track... music. For example: we get the Marquis (with formaldyhyde smell and old costumes) to go from room to room, he talks to the variouis people in various ages, they might be in easy jogging suits, or sailors outfit, or old style suits, he goes up to a woman in a long black dress, like in a millet painting; she seem to be blind, but she knows all the paintings and could tell lots of details about the painting to the visitor - is this a tongue in cheek effort to say, all these museum guides, whether they see or not see, it amounts to the same, because only we could see with our own eyes, she could only give you information; therefore, she could be easily replaced with a "talking guide" box - or, is the movie maker saying; all this chitter chatter about a painting is all words, we must see with our own individual eyes? In anycase, movie viewers are slightly jostled by this blind fine manner painting tour guide. Such slightly off-set with many asides scenes are many, in almost all the running water tableaux/scenes. Too many to name. Each one intriquing and holds our attention.

Otherwise, how do you keep the viewers interest while time is passing?

In the movie Stroll, our interest is upheld by the rapid fire of dialogues also full of intriques, and the girl is charming, while we dont really see the two guys faces. One is a poet the other pragmatic man-man; we are held in hope to see up close what do these two guys look like? Whereas we see the "fiancé" up close with a steady frame focused on his face. We see who this steady man through a steady cam.

Watch the movie yourself. :)

Paranoid Park ***

poetic travelling shots of the inner mind of a teenager who done got some trouble and gotta get it out of his head. Skate boarding poetry.
The pretty girlfriend and the girl next door girl friend are very nice butterfly wing type subtle touches and depth through layering. Tells the story through non verbal eye contacts, revealing the inner characters. We viewers are seeing these eyes and smiles, words through the eye of the boy-in-trouble.

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