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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

High Quality Sim inspection Dec 2011

High Quality Sim inspection Dec 2011

Many high quality sims have disappeared as we go along from the time I entered sl. 2007
Sims are high quality not only because of its fine graphic qualities, but they had story telling possibilities which gave visitors real memories of events, experiences of events in real time. It's an ensemble of memories of people and interactions and playfulness, freely enjoyed times.

Often, I would like to go back and revisit, replay all the activities that we did. Just to see, has things changed?

Like revisiting my kindergarten school ground, why, these stairs are so tiny, swings so low, and all built in stone for little people. We were tiny then!

Some of the disappeared sims that I would like to revisit are:

1// Clock Island (Franck Muller themed on time and numbers)
2// Isakaya Tokyo TV (post war 40s full village w all items replicas, ritual etc)
3// Everwind (mediaeval role playing sim)
4// Greenies (tiny green men from outerspace, with occasional real life ad purpose : ie L'Oréal campaign for makeup, skin)

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