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Saturday, 10 December 2011

3 idiots making of ***half, The White Sheik ***half, Intelligence of Being Human

3 idiots making of ***half,
New pop film everybody says I would like. I got a hold of a making of, thinking it was the film, after I watched it entirely I find it very informative. Very good. I like to know behind the scenes type of mechanics and the actors, what efforts they made to achieve for example a lisp for a character etc. All very impressive and I really like last scene of the clear magnificent setting. So clear, water and sky all in one. Apparently the actors had oxygen problems, they were gasping for air after each piece of dialogue! Wonderful making of.

The White Sheik ***half
Fellini has made this very multilayered film about a young bride to be falling in love with romance as portrayed in Photo-roman comics, and he clearly showed each characters multileveled humanity. Regardless of how naive the girl is, the lady editor is warm and friendly towards her, she wants her to enjoy her romantic dreams. The taxi driver chases after the husband from place to place and waits to get paid, because he knew the husband is in hot water, so he waits without breaking the husbands "show". Very human. And the police man, in his detective professionalism, gets the husband to say his name, his fathers name, each time he utters his name; clack clack clack, the typewriter gets going as if hes already committed a crime... very funny and subtle. The "white sheik" comes on land, and faces this big fat woman, his wife who slaps the girl, and gets his man. So immediately the white sheik denys all doing w the girl, climbs on the back of the vespa, holds on tight the fat woman - she is the one for him! She resolves all his problems, and is the true pillar of solidity of his life! All the pretty girls in the world are just little snippets of candies, no more. The girl is played by a very pretty saintly pure young actress, very gd in her role. Fellini's wife plays this nosy woman, w very bright eyes, a little kookie but so likeable. The Juilette of the Spirits, same charming eyes. In the end, the girl gets together with her new husband, who is now truly she knows he is her white sheik. It is good that she had experienced this little dream breaking romance. It is very intelligent this movie shows each person involved in the production of romance, so necessary in peoples difficult lives. Each character has rules and boundaries that makes their lives not so easy and each part provides something sweet to make life go easier, and nobody is really that naive to believe in it at the first degree. So, this movie is so great in that all these multiple simultaneously occuring layers are all happening so well, nobody is mean. Everybody can make a little room for the other when in need. That, is being human. Intelligence of being human or rather Deploying Human Intelligence.

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