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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Anna***half, breakfast table


A very rich story stringing past lives of women together through a character call Anna. Anna lives in a cave with her German father. German father is a know-it-all kind man, tired of the worldly life. He taught Anna everything without putting her in a normal public school. Anna was home schooled. Charlotte Rampling plays a patron character who takes all these various young free spirited people and house them in a huge abandonned squat like place. The outside of the building has massive thick griffiti all over. Inside is a hippy squat ambiance. Women are "whores" and men "rapists". Here Anna finds a soul mate, and began her journey going back into many past lives, many lives of women, mother, goddess, priestess. The last round was being waitress at a fancy hotel. She was waitress to bring up a dinner for a special very private person. This person is responsible for war etc. He has a guard at the door. The guard searches the waitress, shes sexy. They did a sexy play, she sucked on a huge asparagus on one end to titilate the guard and the guard sucked on the other end. When she brings the plate to the man, he ate half and forks the other half offers to her, saying, he sucked the other half, she could eat it. The dialogue is quite smart. So finally she gets to his room, puts her butt on his face... and, surprise, she makes ca ca on his face!! Very gd turn of the story, then he bashes her, tries to punish her. She escapes. Finally over with this last life? She could be herself finally?

The last scene was the best, the others are fine, but all déjà vue, and quite inconvincing the sophistication Anna handles the insertion from cave to society. Anyway, this is similar in plot construction as in Hannah(see - protected girl enters society and has to adapt and fight off all the dangers in the world. Here the story has multiple lines of political content, and history of women, injustice, a much heavier bag.

Breakfast table album, cont'd

kimchi, lotus root chestnut (ling-jiao) w two bull horns, soft sticky type corn, large pomelo, smoke dried longan infusion

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