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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Transylvania ***, No Man's Land***,

Transylvania ***2006

Movie by Tony Gatlif, w Asia Argento
Tony Gatlif's movies are raw movie dancing authentic gypsy stories. Asia Argento is a wild beautiful girl, apparently she really knows how to box. Its a road movie starting with Zingarina (Asia Argento) and Marie (Amira Casar, ex Chanel mannequin); wild+milk and cream marie.
The movie is directed by the music track, with many raw beautiful scenes, and many instruments, that seem very folksy; wood cellos that has no varnish but has been used for ages... life in the woods, winter coming, giving birth in snow land at the back of a station wagon, women coming to help with scissors in hand, everything is basic human raw emotions.
I like his movies, i like Asia, and I like Amira, I like the music, so, whats not to like in this movie?

No Man's Land***
About Bosnian, Serbian conflict: two soldiers, each from one side is trapped in the little strip of no mans land, in spite of the good intentions, how the UN comes in to try to help, the "international global news" tries to get a story, when really nobody really cares about the soldiers - they all try to do their job and be safe in their own relative positions. The script is very good, actors good. Story v gd. In the intricate relations of how people react to a situation, we could be good, or better, but nobody goes beyond their own self preservation first. That is why the soldier is left lying on top of a "bouncing mine". The man with the gun will be "right".

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