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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

xo olpc !! two to mesh!

One of my favorite things in rl :: top 100 ::
number 81 :: xo olpc :: cute monster for email, ebook, meshing tool, too bad it cannot run Secondlife

My dream come true! I got two xo olpcs within a week. And they both have very pretty x and o on the face. I have to ask each time, whats the color of the x and the o? and the vendor says, who cares? its the same. To me, it is not the same. I saw someone with a flat cobalt blue x and o, and definitely I dont want my machine to have these colors. My xo olpc are two cute little monsters. Why get objects and possessions that you dont particularly care about, when you could get them in colors you like? Never surround yourself with things (and also people, eat food, play games )you dont like - in the long run, you ruin your health. hahahahah

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