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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

sl Tokyo hotel, 饭岛爱, Ai

What do people do in sl hotels ?
I was invited to a launch of a Tokyo hotel - a virtual model of a real hotel in Tokyo which was used for G8 meeting.

I came across the usual doctors etc, and a lady in a fancy kimono, not the usual kimonos you find in sl, very elaborate. After a few minutes chat, I was very curious where the person goes in this huge hotel. But she disappeared in these long corridors - mystery mystery.

Few days later we met and had a very nice chat - she tells me of her business - an sl chat service. She said if I like to work, I will be the most popular one at her club.

Then, a few days later, exactly on Christmas day? A very famous tv star died in her apartment. A lot of men mourned her, her name was 饭岛爱, "Ai", a lot of male fans. First time I heard of her - because of the slew of blogs I checked up information about her and discovered a very sad story. Seems like for some reason she has been sacrificed by her parents - they cared more about what the neighbours say then telling her they appreciate her. She described in her autobiography in great details the work she does always with depth and sensitivity.

I saw a documentary film in Venise Biennale on the photo girls in these thick erotic books. Reminds me of the exploitation of women by men and by other women.

A Dutch artist said to me, she is an illustrator - that, really men dont notice things like this or that type of makeup, fashion get ups - its the women who are out to compete with each other they are the complicated ones. In fact, she said, its not hard to get laid. Men arent that fussy.

I would have liked to see some of the Ai tapes. She was in a Jackie Chan movie.

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