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Saturday, 12 April 2008

Supreme Hooboo, Cassandi Gossipgirl, Moving Picture Comic Book, Les Randonneurs a Saint Tropez, Lady Jane, Disco,

Swannjie went to the training session waiting for Supreme Hooboo - but no show. Met Cassandi Gossipgirl.
But checked out EyeBeam web site, the rl EyeBeam is located in NYC, very interesting alternative media space, with artist residencies, workshops etc.

Films viewed:

Les Randonneurs a Saint Tropez 2*
I like it, Karin Viard is a very good actress, instead of the usual stereotypical snappy baker boss, she played a feminine real estate business woman - bored of her husband - she went on a binge of male human warmth - the comedy flows with so many small details, Peolvoorde is very good. He is not just a comic, there is another layer of depth of his portrayal each time. Everyone is great. The serious brother has a very tight face, but in face of a beautiful intelligent woman, Tiffany, played by Cyrielle Clair - who read Etre et Neant... etc. hahahahha. He smiled. And his character is supported by small details, like at the police station where they got their car towed away, the photo of a much younger him, with hippy hair and beard... all has been expressed in such a short succint manner. A man from hippy to copy service owner, who in the end leaves through a magazine, or a web site, with a dreamy soft smile - he is looking at his love interest - Tiffany - in a center fold, in a platinum wig, Crazy Horse show girl that she is - with high heel shoes and diamonds.

Everybody has a complete character profile. Nobody is truly bad. A great comedy with depth. Its maybe caricatural, but if we look at it as if its a comic book, isnt this a totally competant moving picture comic book?

Disco 1.5*
The dancing is fun to watch, I like the Polish shipping team, their dancing routine is charming in a boyish way. Dancing is nice to watch.

The foreman dancer of the Didier Travolta team was very good, he could dance, and moves so well. Didier Travolta is in his old fun no-work self. The caricature in this film is much less rich than the Les Randonneur. But we are there to see the dancing and all the "has-been" charms. Depardieu, fat, like a mountain is always fun to watch. He said: worst thing for a show is, so so so 'AS-BEEN -
I would have liked to see more sequences of real dancing and not trick shots. Didier Travolta is very nice, but not yet convincing as a has-been dancer.

Lady Jane 2*
A film about revenge between gangsters.
Aix, Marseille, gangsters, revenge, killer, fancy boutique retirement, tatoo on the inner wrist... not that credible. But very interesting as the film is set in the south of france, focused on the little people milieu. One of the underside of French society. Of immigrants, outsiders, survivers. Not your foreign art house film about existentiel love problems in the bourgeois homes. (People usually like to see this type of film, it gives them dreams , like la femme d'a cote, beautiful apts, fancy clothes, etc etc)

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