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Thursday, 3 April 2008

Horton, DoubleHappiness Jeans, Tile Project.

DoubleHappiness Jeans, working at the factory, and New York/Beijing Media Art Festival 2008, fun, come see us! April 15th 2008

Films viewed:

Horten 3*
Very charming elephants, and all the little critters... cute, sweet, and Horten is worth its weight in gold!
I say what i mean, and I mean what I say, I am 100% true to my words always! Then he remembers all the names of the people who lives on the speck. Smart elephant and sweet. Everybody should go see it. Dr.Seuss is the greatest!

I always wanted to be a gangster 2.5*
French movie, an exercise of style, with famous singer... after the Cigarette and Coffee of Jim Jarmusch.

3h10 suma 2*
Remake Western, bullets, shooting, horses, stunt... etc

Tile Project Exhibit in Beijing, India, open invitation for everybody!

1 comment:

Art_Psyche said...

Very interesting sister! The current trend isn't just multi media, it's totally all around with AI system, dynamic structures, immense efforts now! Stunning!