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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Airstream bambi, camping cars, trailer parks, hippy houses

I also dont like to have to live in a "hippy house" type of architecture.

On the question of, is it a good idea to buy an Airstream - a silver bullet - and put it onto a residential lot, in the back garden, or on the side in place of a garage?
Are there laws regarding on what is allowed on lots?

Would the sheer fact that its a camping car trailer (Airstream included) be downgrading the neighbourhood?
In a neighbourhood thats upper middle class fine landscape, big lawns, would a tiny silver bullet on the back garden be viewed as - ringing alarm bells - "trailer park"?

Would carrying a brand-name change purse upgrade the entire person? If the entire person is somewhat more Walmart? (i think the name brand purse detail indicates a desire of where the person wants to go, but doesnt really change the overall effect of the persons look)

Or, if the entire person is mainly fancy designer clothed, name brand etc, could a dollar store plastic change purse change the way the person looks? (I think this little detail would add, rather than down grade the overall look. Someone who is totally in designer clothing is really hmmm... a touch too heavy i think.)


I see these cute mobile silver bullets Airstreams as a mobile office, a writing cabin (Bernard Shaw did all his writing in a cabin in the garden) or as a camping car to travel across North America, Europe etc.

But if it were a writing cabin, then, i like a lot more windows and maybe have a simple log cabin... hahahhah (coming back to the tiny house ideas)

I saw only one Airstream from the past trip , 10 days, it was on the highway.

In Florence the tents were really nice, square, beige sand color. Uniform. Italians has such great style - even for a camp ground. It was set on the hill in a park, next to 5 star hotels. On Piazza St Michelangelo, with a David statute next door.

There was a camp site that we went to late at night, it was dark... its obvious that the people who were there lived there for quite a while, because the setting has a neighbourhood hang out feel, they really "lived" there, they were not travellers, the ambiance is definitely not at all the same as a holiday traveller camp site. Because you see all the daily laundry , with babies, dogs etc. This was just outside of Genova.

But i saw one place at Linz Germany last year, each camping car had different tiny home like woodedn facades, each one different, with tiny lawns and flowers, and sometimes even mushrooms with midgets dolls, it was very cute and shows the owner of the campings love for his camp site - also it backs onto a river. And is the only one in town. The ambiance is really different. These are summer homes for some people i guess.

If people lived in there full time, with the density of all the units - they were close together in row houses fashion. Its a wooden miniature camp park ground - still I cannot call this camp site a "trailer park". But a summer camp ground with pre-fab units.

A "trailer park" - the sad stuff, is like in the movie, by Ken Loach "Its a Free World" - now, that is what the sad awful "trailer home park" means.
You have to have cheap pre-fabs, dense units, no landscaping and lots of people living in it, migrant worker people who need to save money.

If the poeple were educated, then the ambiance is less tough, because they are passing through a phase - you could see them moving onto better spaces.

If they were un-educated, you see very little room for change, usually they have children, children brings hope and the future. Then, the overall feeling is survival... making it day by day. Makes the ambiance very tough.

But children are naturally joyful and silly, so its sunshine and laughter and crying and pee pee poo poo, bo bo, and days fly by.

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