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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Joueurs 2017 / dir Marie Monge

"Joueurs" director Marie Monge; 2017.
Romantic french film about a young girl falling in love w a handsome wrong type of troubled thuggy gambling guy. He died. 
Shes finally has closure with him/ his "love". 
Set in the back ground scenario is a whirlwind explanation of the gambling habits of Asian communities how people lost their homes, businesses due to the addiction. Everything quick paced ending w a melancholic song sung by Barbara. The song is good; but I find the visual slightly too long for the ending. Could have had the whole song but the visuals could have been less static. 
Stacy Martin is v pretty in real life as on screen; she did a v gd job. 
Tahar Rahim was just right as the male lead who presented himself as trouble right from the start. 
I enjoyed watching it but would have liked to have more background on the gambling references, as this part was the foundation of the sorrow of the love story. 
Also the illegal drag car race. 

These belong to the same type of underground "things" movie goers might want to know.
Saw myself in a first movie work, I like it. 
Amazing movie making process. 
You spend one week doing it; and its cut and sound tracks put in, rhythm of camera movements, alignment w narration. In the end, everybody is so happy to see the outcome. 
Excited to have been part of it. I even saw my name at the end of credit ! Happy!

I played a gambler in the film. 
In the movie you only see a person sitting but while shooting I had a whole sketch doing a bunch of other things. Many other actors all had other things and these are all settled into a flowing picture with stories; backgrounds; information and great music. 


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