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Thursday, 9 August 2018

"Dogman" Matteo Garrone 2018 ****

Date de sortie 11 juillet 2018 (1h 42min)
Genres PolicierDrame
Nationalité Italien
"Dogman" Matteo Garrone 2018 ****
Saw "Dogman", great film by Matteo Garrone - who made " Gomorrah " in 2008. As the film opens it reminds me of Gomorrah, very powerful w much delicatesse. How the director shows the dogman's character through his relations with animals and the ruthless exboxer. As the film goes on, I especially noticed the men's faces. V sculpted real life - hard, courageous, life unfolding w everyday challenges and the sea side town half fallen down. Reminds me of great Italian movies w Sophia Loren. Though there is no female lead in the film. Blood sweat friendship - a tale of men's lives. As for "Gomorrah" even after ten years, I still have a very vivid memory of the film - a truly powerful master piece. "Dogman" is in the same vein, story is smaller but equally powerful. The name "Dogman" is quite smart - what kind of man is a "Dogman"? Somebody who loves dogs, who are like dogs? Who works w dogs?

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