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Monday, 27 November 2017

Dream of Robot

I dreamt of a white woman, kind of in her 50s, or younger, little bit puffy skinned.

She had put a robot in the oven to bake it - not for eating but for finishing.
I did not see what kind of robot it was, it might not be the geometric robot that I am making
But suddenly the oven door flew open, a whiff of chemical or burnt toxic substance came out of the oven and killed her right there.  She was muffled by the toxic substance.

Then I woke up.
This white woman got killed by these robots she made.  She had not paid attention to the airing air change condition of the room.  She died.

Shocking dream.

I woke up, and thought, was this white woman me?
Or does it have some strange meaning?

I try to find out from the dream book.


Today I bought a Borot Avatar from Magnum.  A pink robot machine that you wear as an avatar.
But this avatar has a driver seat - you could put your own pilot inside.  I bought it through gacha, and received a black cat - black cat pilot.  Which i will not use

I use a Sunday Robot as pilot.  The thinker Sunday Robot.
Here is a picture of the Borot w Sunday robot.


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