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Saturday, 4 November 2017

#1 Contemporary Chinese Design

Hulu shaped electric universal adapter

Hulu is a mystical container a taoist vehicle - magic shape, where an entire world could be contained.
Its a poetic shape especially for electricity.
How did a designer convince the manufacturer to make this fantasy shape?
I have never seen one before, this one I found at a remote farmers market.
This is the China that I like to visit.  Something somewhere someone enabled an idea to come to reality.  And it is so humble and small, but its done.
The colors are quite local too.  Beige color and pale peacock blue. and the font used, the designer definited just did it to his liking. The combination is not your normal "designer" look, nor the execution, we could see little unsmooth surface.  The letters used is almost like a careful hand writing and not our industrial high precision "arty" fonts.

Altogether it has a slight "simple innocent" look.  Adorable.
Somebody got an idea, and it was granted at the factory and its been made.

I wonder if its a common design, you could buy easily?  

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