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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Shanghai 1976 .Xueyang Hu dir ****

Shanghai 1976.****
胡雪楊導演。Xueyang Hu. director



Very intimiste film, you could feel the heart and soul of this generation of people, the hardship, the love, the difficulties. stories from this period is not very often made into film. Or not seen in public cinemas. Its warmth and story from the inside is special. A v pure period of contemporary history. Something I felt from watching Jiang Wen's "Yang Guang Tsang Lan de ReZi" Will find link to show. Recently, I saw also on youtube yesterday, a film w Feng XiaoGang, called "Lao Pow". The youth decadent youth portrait is like an image from a computer game. This part is eye candy but are we sure they look like this?
Anyway... so many movies to catch up. This is the golden age for Chinese cinema. Lets, "wipe our eyes and watch" !

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