List of Monumental sculpture projects 2015

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Friday, 8 September 2017

Giant Bubble ; acrylic domes, stainglass giant flame by Tom Fruin,19959
6mm thick, w structure, 2.4height, 2.4 diameter; cost 4165eur / not available now

transparent house

The Woodland House By Carlo Santambrogio

This is the most interesting house on the list—mainly because it looks like a giant ice cube with all that snow in the background and its blue coating.

The high-temperature system developed by the MIT team retains those properties, producing printed glass objects that are both strong and fully transparent to light. Like other 3-D printers now on the market, the device can print designs created in a computer-assisted design program, producing a finished product with little human intervention.

Apple store in glasgow - glass staircase

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