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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Gem corn, Black pearl mini corn, Purple+White glutanous corn, Albino corn 2017

Gem corn, Black pearl mini corn, Purple+White glutanous corn, Albino corn 2017

Experimental garden 2nd edition: gem corn, black pearl corn, purple+white glutaneous corn, Albino mutation (1); peanuts from Congo. Bamboo. ( I noticed my flowering cactus and peaches on vine are both missing... )

This year, I have planted Gem corn, Black pearl mini corn, Purple+White glutanous corn

gem corn : 59 stalks germinated, 
given away some for friends to test in various places all in France.
Dordogne 10
Creuse : Bernard 2, Caroline 2, Maylis 2, Marinettes son 2, Danielle 2
Cergy Pontoise : 6  (Jeanne 2, Karine 1, Diane 1, Emilie 1)
Rest : will go to Aubusson

total: 86 germinated sprout, (about 10 either broken or died half way in the pod) about 3 did not germinate.  Small seeds germinated quicker and stronger, grows faster, bigger

gem corn germinated 97% from the stock of 8 plants in 2015 (8 plants from 100 seeds)
mini size grains germinated faster and grew stronger too! (surprise)

In 2016, 100 seeds all germinated.  But lack of care, no visible results.

8 sprouts planted in one section of the garden w very shallow clay dense soil.  
Of the 8 plants, one is an albino!  (Maybe I will transplant that to a special pot by itself)


According to researchers, albinos will die, unless you feed it sugar water through its leaves!!


purple+white glutanous corn from Beijing - of 30ish, only one germinated


Black pearl mini corn, purchased from Taiwan wet market for ordinary consumption germinated 3 out of over 200 seeds.  All germinated seeds from presoaking and rinsing in seed tray, I checked to see that there are white roots coming out,  then planted in little pods.  Only one has green sprouts so far.

3 germinated out of 100 seeds:
top: small sprout, middle: mold growing on seeds (dead), bottom: longer sprout

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