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Friday, 21 April 2017

passive amplifier, bowls, ding, w vinyl disk

Passive amplifier, bowls, dings: thermo forming using  retired vinyl disks as source material.

Recycling art and design project:
Vinyl Passive amplifier
Vinyl Bowls
Vinyl Dings

Project conception, research and execution : Swannjie
Team:  Laundry - laser cutting, Etienne - oven management, Swannjie - odds and ends.

I had seen a very nice salade bowl, black vinyl disk at Linz in their museum boutique, price 32euros. Very nice simple idea.

Then, I saw on youtube, how to make use of retired vinyl disks.

Here is my version of heat forming retired vinyl disk.

There are several ways that I have seen. 

1// you heat up disk in an oven, when it is soft place it onto a form, and pull the disk through the form with hands w much brut force.  This way, it is going to take the shape of a tulip cup - passive amplifier.

2// you heat up disk in an oven/ or in a bowl of hot water, and press by hand the soften disk into any shapes, ie flower - bowl for odds and ends, (not food)

3// you clamp the disk between 2 rack (like tennis racket principle), heat up the whole structure in an oven, when it is hot and soft, place a weight onto the disk and let gravity drag the object downwards thus stretching the disk into a conic shape.  

I will try it the third way.  I think using gravity is a very smart way to stretch the vinyl.

The vinyl disk all sandwiched up between boards to be put into oven .

these are circular seats, similar to the what vinyl disk could be/ will be thermo formed into.


Using the troctec laser cutter, Laundry cut up 2 squares with circles inside the squares.Two squares, 35cm2 each. 
Traced a vinyl record outline, and draw a smaller circle inside the outline.  
The diameter of the inner circle is 29cm, the diameter of the vinyl disk was 30cm

Sand down approx 1mm the ring shaped space between the two circles  - so that the disk can be blocked in an allocated space and not shift around.  
We now have a sandwiched vinyl disk between two square plates with big circle openings.

We will stretch the vinyl disk once its heated and softened enough.

I fixed the two squares together with some small clamps and large metal clips.

Will put the sandwiched vinyl disk into oven tomorrow.

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