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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

3d printing class - discovery

3d printing class - discovery

3 max per class

Objective:  Learn how to use the Ultimaker 2+

I prepared 4 small files each 14mn-15mn, each person prints out a small object to take home.
1// small vase (thingiverse)
2// small hand (sg file)
3// screw+bolt
4// coin

Other ready made .obj
Chinese coin
square w round hole
spiral tube
moebius ring

Part 1 

Learn how to import your .obj file into cura
Export it in .gcode
Put the .gcode file onto sd card
Part 2
Ultimaker 2+ is off

Turn it on
Begin with no filament;
put filament bobbin onto the rack behind, make sure the filament is pointing towards the intake unit

Watch the lcd screen;
Follow instructions
Wait for filament to come out before clicking

Start printing
Part 3

Wait for the print to cool down
take spatula, delicately remove the print from the hot plate
Turn off the machine at the end


Week 2// 3May2017

Students :
Nicholas Ragot Braconi
Christian Neveu
Catherine Villeret
W. Laurent
One registered student

wk 2  
Nelson gear, Nelson parts, small book, screw sample

First Book in Print  

An online registration system is used, 3 places per session.  

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