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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Vector Graphics : Expression 3

Vector Graphics : Expression 3 Creature House 2003, Mischief 2013

I purchase this software in 2003, and never had time to play w it.
As I remembered it, its got some very interesting vector graphics, you could draw a ballerinas feet and use it as a stroke.  But never had time to use it.

Today, I found it in my closet. 
Took it out, put it into my machine
guess what, there is nothing on the cd, zero.  As if its clean, ready to be rewritten.

This is the kind of thing that is quite shocking w electronic storage.
I try to see if the software is available else where.

I am nostalgic about old friends, old clothes, old toys, vintage mechanical objects.  There must have been a gd reason that I have chosen all these things.

Some articles:
you can download livingcels as well.

Mischief: Painting/Drawing with vectors made comfy!

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