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Friday, 3 February 2017

FacLab: Clamp 2017 logbook (work in progress)

FacLab: details of prototype of a mobile qin table leg. 

Project: Using the C-Clamp table leg as a viable mobile guqin table.

This is the original prototype, just for fun, using transparent elements to make a special object.

The first 3d printed rod attachments were printed v v thin, 3 layers of thread, due to our deadline time requirements.  It took 3 hrs to print a minimum extremely fragile and thin shell for a short sample.  Also the filament were old and snapped like spaghetti when I tried to change the threads- due to burns and clogs of print heads.

So we printed twice the screw rod attachment - it turns out roughly.  Good enough for a presentation model, not for use.  Just for mock up.

It takes a lot of time to 3d print any object.  For example, 6 hours for a moderately strong screw rod of 17cm, dia 25mm

So, we print out just a section of a sample to see if it works, such as a short 1cm length of nut, and screw.  And that, takes 30mn each.

Once you are satisfied with the smoothness, the tolerance, acceptable finish, then you go to the perfection stage.

As of the mock up, in theory it should work.

The electricity, adriuno, black light components were not quite ready at time of presentation.  Due to unforeseeable complications.  (see details in adriuno report by the other two members of the team.  My clamp design is purely a test of form and function and method with numerical production tools.  Mainly the 3d printer.)

Originally there was a part that has an extendible cover for the transparent leg, however that kind of failed due to lack of heat gun, folding machines, and in general problems with material.  So that was abandonned. 

As it takes a lot of time to perfect an esthetic object.  Before it becomes "esthetic" it does not exist as such.  

The amount of time we had were enough for making something that works and demonstrates that it works.
But to make an esthetic object, that takes much more time.


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